Great review in spite of my blunder


After my blunder of submitting the unedited version of Ruby instead of the published version, I was delighted to still receive a great review: 

 Online Book Club Review: My least favorite character in the book was Ruby. She had some great character traits, such as being cute and very intelligent. Unfortunately, she always used these qualities to get what she wanted and to manipulate people. Ruby was often sarcastic and devious, especially when she talked to Patricia. Her intelligence allowed her to handle situations that most adults could not handle. In fact, during the story she became hunted and alone as an eight-year-old. She managed to survive on her own, which would normally be admirable for someone so young, but she was so manipulative and creepy that I kept wanting her to be found. I could almost hear her taunting voice as I read. ‬

‪This book kept me spellbound and I read the book in its entirety in one sitting. I could not wait to see what would happen next. The story was captivating from beginning to end. The ending could lead into a follow-on book. ‬

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mystery thrillers. This book is appropriate for teen readers to adults. The language is not inappropriate and there are no sexual scenes. There are brief descriptive murder scenes which some readers may find inappropriate, but they provided some necessary detail to the story. The author definitely got my attention, and I would like to read more books from her.

The repercussions of the un-edited blunder:

Unfortunately, there were multiple spelling, capitalization, and word usage errors. Because of the errors, I regretfully give the book 3 out of 4 stars instead of four stars the story deserved.


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